What grows at Fabulous Farm?

We started out growing garlic, farming chickens and selling eggs. Now, we've grown into:

Ceramic Studio

Ceramics at Fabulous Farm is a teaching studio and shared artist’s work space. The studio is well equipped with two pottery wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, a blunger, large work table, a well stocked glaze room, two sinks with clay traps, a hepa-filter air purifier and two kilns. Our students and members bring their own hand tools and we are happy to share more obscure and less often used small tools, like the heat gun and bench grinder.

We lead pottery and ceramic art classes for children and adults. Our classes range from beginner to advanced. Learn how to hand build, wheel throw and even slipcast your clay dreams! Classes are scheduled here and there in our slow seasons. During the busy season we are making pottery for shows and sales, tending the chickens or building houses!

Year round, we offer memberships to potters and makers. Members must be experienced in our studio, by having participated in one or more of our class offerings. Membership ranges from $80 – $120 per month. All clay used in the studio must be purchased from Fabulous Farm. Clay price includes the cost of glazing and firing. Email us to apply for a membership. Check out what the students are up to in the studio at the fabulousfarmceramics Instagram here.

We have a tiny little gallery for selling our members’ work that is currently under construction. Peggy sells ceramic art and functional pottery as Good Pottery. Check her out on Instagram here.

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Peggy Frith

Peggy Frith has been studying and practicing traditional building techniques since 1998. Her mentors and peers makeup the grandparents of the North American natural building movement. Her building consultation and instruction service operates as “Dirty Dreams” (you bring the dreams, we bring the dirt!).

Peggy designs and builds, using permaculture and traditional building methods. Her experience includes dozens of buildings, from chicken coops to comfortable, modern family homes.

Natural Building Design & Consulting

Have you always dreamed of living in a healthy, natural home? Peggy and her team will assist you in designing your dream home using traditional clay building methods, coupled with modern innovations. We teach owner-builders and contractors how to build out of clay soil and other non-toxic materials in order to bring the dream to life!

Our building consultation and instruction service, Dirty Dreams, offers:

  • Light clay, straw bale, cob, wattle and daub and hybrid natural wall systems
  • Healthy, vapor permeable, wall systems design
  • Permaculture informed floor plans and property plans
  • Compost toilet design
  • Greywater and blackwater system design
  • Clay plasters for natural and conventional walls
  • Earthen floors and radiant floors
  • Thermal mass walls
  • Clay sculpture and architectural features
  • Instruction and workshops for owner-builders or contractors


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Coaching & Leading Workshops

We lead workshops in natural building, ceramics and other fabulous farmy topics. If you want to be the first to know about them, sign up here for our mailing list.

Currently, due to health measures for the COVID-19 pandemic, in the ceramics studio, we are only teaching private classes to groups who consider themselves a cohort, as the studio is not large enough to safely distance. Email us to set up a private class.

Hosting farm stays

The buildings here at Fabulous Farm are all beautiful examples of clay building techniques.

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Farm stand

We are building a farm stand this year! You can look forward to stopping by for:

  • fresh farm eggs
  • gluten free sourdough bread & treats
  • flower cuttings
  • pottery


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